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For She Ran With Wolves Prologue
Disclaimer: I do not own Teen Wolf. You would think that would be obvious but whatever haha
Author’s note: Okay so this will eventually be about Brett Talbot and my oc Diana, but I figured you needed more information on Diana and how she fits into the pack. I don’t think anyone’s taken this route (as in she’s not a werewolf or werecoyete or were anything for that matter or even a hunter.) She’s something else and it’s something Scott needs since I’ve noticed he still hasn’t gotten one yet and we are going on season 5b. I promise to make this entertaining and yes I’m using dialogue from the show. If you don’t like it, you can leave now.
Author’s Note 2: So this will start in season 1, only to give Diana foundation before launching her into season three where I plan to introduce Brett. Weird. Yep but I think starting their relationship in season 4 is too late. Who wants to start a relationship during a dead p
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A Kyute Christmas by AriesGoddessofWar A Kyute Christmas :iconariesgoddessofwar:AriesGoddessofWar 2 0 A SuJu Holiday by AriesGoddessofWar A SuJu Holiday :iconariesgoddessofwar:AriesGoddessofWar 0 0 Too Funny by AriesGoddessofWar Too Funny :iconariesgoddessofwar:AriesGoddessofWar 0 2 Donghae SS6 by AriesGoddessofWar Donghae SS6 :iconariesgoddessofwar:AriesGoddessofWar 0 0
Wrong Room
Wrong Room
Eunhyuk x Reader
Author's note: reader is older than eighteen.
Today was a special day for (Name). She was going to have the privilege of watching her second favorite kpop band rehearse, all thanks to her unnie, Ari. Somehow the red head was able to convince her boyfriend who worked for the same entertainment company for a pass for her. After seeing Super Junior live she had really gotten into Kpop and so naturally she ended up liking other kpop bands.
So when (Name) opened her mail to discover the pass in there, her face hurt for a whole day from the big grin that was plastered on it. Ari said she and Kyuhyun would be meeting her on the fifth floor in the third practice room on the right. After the rehearsal, (Name) would get a chance to go out and eat with the band too. She was super excited.
(Name) was wearing the cutest outfit she had in her wardrobe, as she was cleared by security and made her way through the lobby to the elevators. Tucked  in between her wallet an
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Kyuhyun and his thoughts by AriesGoddessofWar Kyuhyun and his thoughts :iconariesgoddessofwar:AriesGoddessofWar 0 0
(Siwon x Reader)
Before he knew it, Siwon was speeding down the highway heading out to the country. Seoul was soon just a speck and in his rear view mirror. So many emotions were running rapid through his body. One minute he was filled with overwhelming joy that she was still alive. The next minute he wanted to shake her til she got dizzy from putting him through such grief. There was also a few times in between where he was sure he'd start blubbering like a newborn babe, but he tried to keep a stiff up lip and only sniffle. What would she think if she saw him with tear streaked cheeks and eyes rimmed with red?
He shook his head. Hands gripping the steering wheel tight as he finally come to the off ramp. In due time, he was making his way through heavy traffic. It seemed like everyone was going as slow as they possible could today. No one seemed like they were in a hurry. He was though and it was starting to irk him that these people were wasting his time with her.
" Damn it."
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Lights! Cameras! Kyuhyun!! by AriesGoddessofWar Lights! Cameras! Kyuhyun!! :iconariesgoddessofwar:AriesGoddessofWar 7 0 In the Rain by AriesGoddessofWar In the Rain :iconariesgoddessofwar:AriesGoddessofWar 6 2 Donghae Blue FB Cover by AriesGoddessofWar Donghae Blue FB Cover :iconariesgoddessofwar:AriesGoddessofWar 2 21 Song Hye Kyo Red by AriesGoddessofWar Song Hye Kyo Red :iconariesgoddessofwar:AriesGoddessofWar 0 0
The Demon Who Loved Only Himself Until . . .
The Demon Who Loved Only Himself Until He Heard the Sound of the Heavens
Gaara X Amane
(future chapter)
The Village Hidden in the Leaves was bustling with life as Amane, Neji and Lee threaded their way through the crowded streets of the restaurant and market district. Mamoru was perched comfortable on Amane’s shoulder, perfectly content with life. Today was the perfect day to have off from training and just to enjoy the weather. The sun was shining brightly in the blue sky above the village with big, billowy clouds scattered around and the temperature was neither too hot or too cold; it was the perfect summer day. Not even Naruto was getting into his usual shenanigans, which was kind of nice for a change.
    Mamoru ruffled his feathers as Amane whispered to him before he flew from her shoulder and up into the sky. Amane watched him soar up into the sky his wings spread wide across as he found an air current to ride on, his head turning this way and that in search. The
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Patrick Stump by AriesGoddessofWar Patrick Stump :iconariesgoddessofwar:AriesGoddessofWar 1 6 Kiyomi Profile by AriesGoddessofWar Kiyomi Profile :iconariesgoddessofwar:AriesGoddessofWar 2 0 Yao Could Be Your Valentine by AriesGoddessofWar Yao Could Be Your Valentine :iconariesgoddessofwar:AriesGoddessofWar 38 7


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Hi, everyone!! 
I'm so sorry I've been away for months. I was just dealing with a lot of stuff and didn't want to bore you with it. But I'm back now and in the mood to post new things! 
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So about the title, I've started watching Sailor Moon Crystal and I really like it. Ive read most of the manga so I like how it follows closely to that. It definitely has more depth then the original anime. I was really excited when Mamoru's knights remembered they fell in love with the Sailor Senshi. I was like yes!! My dreams have come true. Ever since the creator drew a picture of them all paired up, I was waiting for a story to happen. Then they hinted to their past in the new anime and I thought I was finally going to get it. The Knights get brainwashed again, Sailor Senshi break the brainwash and the knights remember only to DIE two seconds later. . .What?! I'm still so upset. Why give me hope that they would be together just to kill it right in front of my poor, naive eyes??? They're never getting back together T^T

Now to my main question. Have any of you read any good fanfics that deal with the Sailor Senshi and the Knights romance? I would search myself but I wanted to read the ones you enjoyed the most. So please leave suggestions in the comments below. Thank you!!!!
Db410cd69b524d6500ba47a077b358ba by AriesGoddessofWar

tumblr neg4tbsTjd1r1bz0wo1 500 by AriesGoddessofWarA414873dd739438f700f35770be782ce by AriesGoddessofWarE4d4a6fb9c6af18a67a1cdeab7a098c6 by AriesGoddessofWar

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Hi!!! You can call me Ari! Welcome to my DA page!
Right now I'm really into Super Junior, epecially Cho Kyuhyun! He's frickin' amazing! So I lot of my edits will deal with Super Junior! If you want me to make a collage or a wallpaper for you I'd be totally up for it. Or if you ever just want to talk, I'm usually around so feel free to message me. I don't bite haha

:rose: My DA Family :rose:
My unnie is :icondonghae1510:
If you love Donghae or even Kyuhyun then check out her DA because she has the cutest pictures of them

My Ssangdung-i jamae is :iconchanhyochu:
I swear we are so much a like, it's crazy! There are so many things that make her awesome! If you're a lover of Super Junior, especially Sungminnie Oppa, then she is your girl. She loves him too and writes great reader insert stories about him. She is also the founder of the first Sungmin Group ever!! Go check it out SungminnieLove

My dongseangs are :iconpikachuart:
If you like reading reader inserts she's your girl! Especially if you like Hetalia! Please check out her DA


:iconluffyperonalove: Even though she is young, she is very talented at drawing. She's such a sweetheart! Please go check out her art!

The Evil Maknae is my #1 Bias
He's just too talented and good looking!

My favorite JRock Singer is Gackt!!
I just love listening to that deep voice of his! And then those eyes of his and that smile *melting into a pile of goo*


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